TegapTV Malaysia is a media collective, consisting of photographers and videographers covering bodybuilding and fitness events and athletes across Malaysia and the region. The coverage may not extend to all competitions as it would depend on the availability of our crew members.

TegapTV Crews


  • Photography Division  – Mie Sai, Ghaz Ghazali, Aman Abu Bakar, Hidayat Dahalan, Aaron Sim, Azral Izwan, Kevin Ken and Hafiz Syazwan
  • Videography DivisionShamsul Aqbary, Dean Shaari and Khairul Hayat Mohamad
  • Caricature DivisionSyed Alwi
  • TYROS DivisionAmeer Faiz Aziz and Abeden Mung



Distribution of crew based on locations

TegapTV Media Channels

TegapTV can be accessed via these social media platforms:

 TegapTV Logo

Malaysia Bodybuilding News & Media Broadcaster

Malaysia Bodybuilding News & Media Broadcaster

Logo rational:

  • ‘Tegap’ is the Malay word for ‘sturdy’, ‘well-built’ or ‘muscular’, referring to one of the key aspects in bodybuilding and body aesthetic athletes.
  • ‘TV’ represents our medium of presentation, which comprises photography, videography and caricature.
  • ‘.com’ represents our presence in online media, as well as the main portal of our website.
  • ‘Malaysia’ is of course, our nation which is our geographical base and scope of our broadcast materials.
  • Colour-wise, the usage of black and solid yellow represents the ‘tiger’, in relation to one of Malaysia’s pride icons, the ‘Harimau Malaya’ (Malayan Tiger)

TegapTV Vision & Mission


  • To uplift and bring bodybuilding & body aesthetics into becoming among Malaysia’s prestigious sports, through our media.


  • Archiving photos / video footage related to bodybuilding and body aesthetics for reference and / or motivation to enthusiasts and aspiring athletes.
  • Being actively involved in the broadcast and news presentation of bodybuilding / body aesthetics events, given the rather lack of exposure across the Malaysian mainstream media.
  • Supporting the Fit Malaysia initiatives that encourages Malaysians to practice healthier lifestyle.

TegapTV Slogans

  • Malaysia’s Bodybuilding News & Media Broadcaster
  • Media Bina Badan Malaysia

TegapTV Mascot

Active and cheerful all the time, Casey is in black and yellow, matching TegapTV’s official logo. Its enthusiasm represents our spirit & determination in promoting and bringing Malaysian bodybuilding to greater heights through our coverage and media broadcasting.

Casey the Mascot

Casey the Mascot


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