Want to see yourself as a cartoon character, or perhaps that of a superhero with your face on it? Then, our caricaturist is at your service, rendering your features into any penned images that you dream to be.


  • The rates quoted is based on one subject person per drawing. For more than one subject, a different set of rates applies.
  • Clients are advised to provide our caricaturist with a clear photograph of themselves to be used as the guide for the artwork.
  • The finished artwork would be in soft-copy and be emailed to clients in JPEG format.

Meet TegapTV Caricaturist

Syed Alwi is formerly with the publication ‘Majalah G3’. He is currently pursuing his studies at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Penang, majoring in graphics.

Syed Alwi


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