Malaysia Bodybuilding News & Media Broadcaster
Malaysia Bodybuilding News & Media Broadcaster

Logo rational:

  • ‘Tegap’ is the Malay word for ‘sturdy’, ‘well-built’ or ‘muscular’, referring to one of the key aspects in bodybuilding and body aesthetic athletes.
  • ‘TV’ represents our medium of presentation, which comprises photography, videography and caricature.
  • ‘.com’ represents our presence in online media, as well as the main portal of our website.
  • ‘Malaysia’ is of course, our nation which is our geographical base and scope of our broadcast materials.
  • Colour-wise, the usage of black and solid yellow represents the ‘tiger’, in relation to one of Malaysia’s pride icons, the ‘Harimau Malaya’ (Malayan Tiger)


  • To uplift and bring bodybuilding & body aesthetics into becoming among Malaysia’s prestigious sports, through our media.


  • Archiving photos / video footage related to bodybuilding and body aesthetics for reference and / or motivation to enthusiasts and aspiring athletes.
  • Being actively involved in the broadcast and news presentation of bodybuilding / body aesthetics events, given the rather lack of exposure across the Malaysian mainstream media.
  • Supporting the Fit Malaysia initiatives that encourages Malaysians to practice healthier lifestyle.