Emas Merdeka! (Precious gift for Malaysia’s 57th Independence Day)

The Malaysian heroes… Gold medals from Buda Anchah and Sazali Samad

Event: 48th Asian Bodybuilding & Physique Sport 2014 Championship, Macao, China.

Date: 26 August – 1 September 2014

The Malaysian heroes, Buda Anchah and Sazali Samad obtained gold medals in their favorite categories; Master and Welterweight at the 48th Asian Bodybuilding & Physique Sport 2014 Championship, held at Macao, China. Their winning  marks as a precious gifts for Malaysia’s 57th Independence Day that falls on 31 August 2014. Team Malaysia returned home with medals of every colors, as summarized below:


  • Buda Anchah – Masters (above 40 yo) Category
  • Sazali Abdul Samad – Welter Weight (75kg) Category


  • Mohd Syahrul Azman Mahen (Mike) – Athletic Physique 170cm


  • Meilaura Dora Jimmy – Womens Bodybuilding Category (49kg)


  • Azahar Mahamad – Masters (above 40 yo) Category
  • Buda Anchah – Light Weight (70kg) Category
  • Mohamad Na’im Ponngoh – Light Fly (55kg) Category
  • Wong Ngai Hong – Heavy Weight (100kg) Category


  • Dr Malvern Abdullah – Bantam Weight Category
  • Mohayan Rosmani – Light Middle Weight Category
  • Mohammad Roszaimi Abdul Rani – Fly Weight Category
  • Ahmad Faiz Ariffin – Athlete Physique 175cm

Syabas Team Malaysia!!!

Watch our exclusive video featuring Buda Anchah & Sazali Samad interview as soon as they returned Malaysia (via KLIA2).

Azahar & Buda Anchah in Masters Category

Azahar (fourth) & Buda Anchah (Gold medalist) in Masters Category

Gold medalist, Sazali Samad with Welterweight medal & trophy. Right: Faiz Ariffin competed in Mens Physique 175cm

Pictures are contributed by Coach Abdul Halim Budin. ‘Emas Merdeka’ poster was designed by Mie Sai Photography


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